The sign on the front porch reads “Dr. Ayer Whitley’” He was the last country doctor to treat patients in this small office before it was moved from its original place on Fairview Road in Mint Hill. Today the restored building, registered with the Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission, commemorates an era gone by.

Medicine in rural America is on display in the museum. Learn what roots and herbs were used to treat illnesses as well as the quackery equipment that claimed to cure everything from baldness to gout.

It was a time when the post office was located in Henderson’s Store, when RJ McEwen’s store carried everything from caskets to cradles and Bain school was a private academy. It was a time when patients often paid the doctor with vegetables, chickens and eggs from their farms.

Step into the museum and discover the medicine and two country doctors who treated residents in the Mint Hill area, Dr. John McCamie DeArmon (b.1886-1907), and Dr. Ayer Whitley (b.1908-1948).