Ira V. Ferguson (b.1894-1932), opened his small store in 1921 on Ferguson Road, near Clear Creek Baptist Church. His store was unique due to its stone cellar that provided refrigeration for milk, butter, buttermilk, eggs, cheese fruit, and vegetables.

Twice a week in the summer time, the iceman brought a huge block of ice and dropped it to the cellar to help keep it cool. Straw and creek gravel were placed on the floor to provide drainage and absorption.

Today the store holds a treasure of collections past which draw visitors into another era. From old timey games and mercantile relics to the Post Office counter, the store makes you feel as if you have truly stepped back in time.

The store symbolizes what was once the center of small North Carolina communities - a place where you purchased necessities, picked up your mail, and perhaps engaged in a little gossip. Visitors are invited to enjoy a game of checkers and tell a tale or two.