The Ashcraft Schoolhouse was built sometime before 1895 by Walter and Amanda Ashcraft. It was the county directive of the time that a schoolhouse be built every 5 miles so children ages 5-20 did not have to walk too far for their education.

Students of all ages were seated in the same classroom and typically started their day with prayer. Reading, writing, arithmetic, and recitation were taught by the teacher, with the older students assisting younger students.

All children were needed at home to manage farm responsibilities so the rural school year ran between harvest and planting time. Teachers were paid around $25 a month at that time and some teachers lived with local families during the school year.

In the 1920’s rural schoolhouses were closed and consolidated into bigger schools. Originally located near Rocky Spring Church off Brief Road, the vacant schoolhouse was purchased by neighbor William Augustus Linker to be used as a hay barn.